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Unique baby shower favor ideas

Unique baby shower favor ideas

Help in the Hunt for Unique Baby Shower Gifts and Baby Shower Favors

Author: Kimberly Green

Shopping for unique baby shower gifts can be a real challenge. Sure, the regular stores like Target, K-Mart and Walmart all have many different items that qualify as a good baby gift, but they're all so routine and expected. How many baby clothing gift sets does a mother need? And honestly, so many women make clay molds of their baby's hands and feet and put together scrapbooks that buying them the supplies and items needed to do it is like purchasing baby wipes and diaper rash preventative cream.

So, if you have a baby shower to go to and a baby to buy something for, consider looking for unique baby shower gifts. For big ticket items that are sure to be a real winner, think about cribs, bassinets, play pens or play areas, high chairs, infant seats, car seats and activity centers. For the mother, think of a luxurious pillow and throw blanket set, or even a rocking chair or a recliner for her to enjoy while she is feeding and nurturing and bonding with her baby.

If you need to stick on a budget, then more appropriate yet still unique baby shower gifts include gift certificates to baby shops and specialty boutiques, photo studio gift certificates, a mid-range digital camera to capture all of those special moments with, digital photo frames and lavish photo albums, monogrammed quilts and blankets, and even a noise machine to help comfort baby at night. Smaller items that still make a lasting impression can include handmade items, unique baby outfits and christening gowns, diaper stackers and diaper cakes, baby thermometers and bath supplies, baby tubs, and of course, toys. Other things to think about when planning for a new baby is the baby shower that will be held for the mother, and the baby shower favors that should be purchased or made.

The purpose of favors at a baby shower is to thank all of the guests that came to share in a special day with the mother-to-be. Like wedding favors, unique baby shower favors should be passed out at the end of the party or reception, either by the mother-to-be herself, or the people that helped to plan the baby shower with her or for her. For shopping and design ideas for both unique baby shower gifts and baby shower favors, you can check out any parenting magazine, as well as specialty magazines and websites that are related to pregnancy and baby shower planning.

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About the Author

Kimberly Green is a mother, sister, aunt and friend who has been the hostess of many a baby showers and purchased many a baby shower gifts. Here giving some ideas on how to party right with the cute and imaginative baby shower favors and unique baby shower gifts.

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