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Types of Baby Shower

Types of Baby Shower

Types of Baby Showers Range From Surprise, Couples, Twins, Sprinkle and More

Author: Sarah Porter

Types of Baby Showers

After you decide to host a baby shower, one of the first decisions will be the type baby shower you want to give. However, this decision is made somewhat easier based on the purpose of the baby shower. For instance, if it is for new parents adopting an infant, baby or older child, the decision is obvious. Or, if you wanted to invite the guys, then you would want to have a co-ed or couples baby shower. A surprise baby shower might be held when you want to throw the party and surprise the new Mom-to-Be. Other types include sprinkle baby shower, multiple triples and twins baby shower, single mom baby shower and welcome home baby shower. The personalized baby shower invitations you send will depend on the type baby shower you are throwing. Read More About Types of Baby Showers.

Adoption Baby Showers

Adopting a baby is an exciting time in a couple’s life. Whether the new parents are adopting an infant, baby or older child, an adoption baby shower is a great way to introduce the addition to the family. The new parents will still need the basic necessities that any baby or child requires. When planning for an adoption baby shower, ask the new parents what they will need for the baby or child. Since adoptions can bring a certain amount of uncertainty until the baby arrives home with the adoptive parents, it may be best to wait to hold the baby shower until the parents bring their new addition home. Read More About Adoption Baby Showers.

After the new parents have identified some needed items, the personalized adoption baby shower invitations can be sent. These adoption baby shower cards should provide clear communication to the invited guests that it is an adoption baby shower. Given that it is an adoption, every effort should be made to not differentiate a child through adoption versus natural means. Of course identifying on the adoption baby shower invitations that it is an adoption baby shower will help guests know; however, the types of gifts and advice given will not be any different.

Co-ed Baby Showers for the Guys and Girls

Hosting a co-ed baby shower will definitely be a different celebration than a traditional baby shower. Since this will be a co-ed baby shower, you should remember the different types of guests that will be attending when determining the various aspects of the co-ed baby shower, such as the food and activities. Read More About Co-ed Baby Showers for Guys and Girls.

Since it will be a co-ed shower, decorating with less frilly colors, such as pink, (yes, even if it is a girl) will be more guy-friendly. Be sure to include where the expectant parents are registered in the personalized co-ed baby shower invitations cards. There are lots of unique baby shower invitations wordings, verses and sayings for co-ed baby showers invitations on many websites. Having a menu that will appeal to both men and women will be important. Plus if children are invited to attend then serving enticing kid-type food for them will be important.

Couples Baby Showers for the Dad-to-Be and Mom-to-Be and Their Friends

Baby showers were traditionally for the Mom-to-Be. However, times have definitely changed. With fathers taking a more active role in their family, particularly when it comes to planning for their new baby’s arrival, Dads-to-Be have felt left out of the baby shower party celebrations. Thus having a couples baby shower has become more a normal occurrence rather than the exception. The imprinted couples baby shower invitations should clearly indicate that the baby shower is a couples baby shower. Read More About Couples Baby Showers for the Expecting Parents.

The unique couples baby shower invitations should appeal to both the men and women, which will help to bring the men so that the father-to-be will not be the only guy at the baby party. At traditional baby showers, the Mom-to-Be is given something for her, not just the baby. When hosting a couples baby shower, ensure that there is a little something just for the Dad-to-Be, such as a ‘coach’ t-shirt, etc. Baby shower favors can also be given out the guests, but the items should be something that would be appreciated by the couple, such as candles or food items.

When sending affordable couples baby shower invitations, be sure and inform the invited guests that it is for couples - the father-to-be does not want to be the only guy there. Since the Mom-to-Be will need to send baby shower thank you cards after the baby shower, it is a good idea order the baby shower thank you cards at the time the couples baby shower invitations are ordered so they will have the same baby shower theme. There are websites that have sample couples baby shower invitations sayings, verses and wording ideas.

Single Mom Baby Showers

Planning single mom baby showers have lots of possibilities, particularly for selecting a theme for the shower. When choosing a baby theme, ensure that it reflects the expectant mom’s personality. With a single mom baby shower, it is important to remember that she may have some needs that a couple would not need, such as extra help financially or added support from a friend. When planning the shower, get the list of guests who the Mom-to-Be would like to see at the baby shower. The single mom baby shower invitations should definitely reflect the theme that has been chosen.

By offering time or purchasing a gift that will help her with daily tasks is always a good option. Of course, a gift certificate for a massage is always good. Taking pictures of mom and baby together would be something that a single mom would not necessarily think about and is a nice treat. Whatever the theme of the baby shower, the single mom baby shower invitations will set the stage for what the expectant mother will need for her baby.

Sprinkle Baby Showers for the Second, Third, Fourth & Additional Baby

The sprinkle baby shower is usually a smaller scale shower where the guests "sprinkle" the new mom with the little necessities the new baby will need. It is not the same as the traditional shower, but rather sort of like a sprinkling of gifts for the new baby. This clever term has been gaining popularity over the years and is becoming a new trend. A sprinkle baby shower is a great idea for parents-to-be who have other children. Read More About Sprinkle Baby Showers for the Second, Third, Fourth & Additional Baby.

The sprinkle baby shower invitations should indicate that it is a sprinkle baby shower. When planning the sprinkle baby shower, the sprinkle baby shower invitations cards can be fun and theme-oriented, such as a theme around what the needs might be. Regardless of what the sprinkle baby shower is called, ensure that the sprinkle baby shower announcements cards announce the type of celebration that will be held for the parents-to-be for the new life. There are lots of sample sprinkle baby shower invitations wording ideas, wording verses and sayings to help you get your personalized sprinkle baby shower invitations just right.

Surprise Baby Showers for the New Mom-to-Be

Planning a surprise baby shower can be a lot of fun provided that the Mom-to-Be is ‘game’ for surprises. To pull off the surprise baby shower, the hostess will need to enlist the help of others, such as the guest list, ensuring no one who should be invited is omitted, and getting someone to bring the Mom-to-Be to the baby shower party. It is important to remember to include in the personalized surprise baby shower invitations that it is a surprise baby shower. Read More About Surprise Baby Showers.

The invitations for surprise baby shower should indicate that the shower is a surprise. Next, pulling off the surprise will take more than just one person to ensure the secret is kept. The personalized surprise baby shower invitations should clearly state that it is a “surprise baby shower”, so no one will let the ‘cat out of the bag’ before the day of the surprise shower party.

When ordering the custom surprise baby shower announcements, be sure and order the matching baby shower thank you cards for the new Mom-to-Be. There are a few websites with excellent sample baby shower invitations wording ideas, verses and saying for baby invitations and baby thank you cards.

Twins, Triplets & Multiple Baby Showers

Twins, triplets and multiple baby showers are even more exciting and sometimes more stressful to plan than a traditional baby shower. And, you are just the friend or family helping to plan the shower, imagine how Mom and Dad must be feeling Read More About Twins, Triplets and Multiples Baby Showers.

Additionally, whether preparing twins baby shower invitations or triplets baby shower cards, the hostess should include in the shower invitations to all the invited guests of how many expected babies there are. Another thing to include on the twin baby shower invitations is whether the Mom-to-Be would prefer having non-matching outfits. This may be hard to communicate, but it is an important item to find out from her, particularly if the babies are the same gender or identical twins, triplets or multiples.

When purchasing baby shower gifts for multiple babies, it is not necessary to purchase multiples sets of everything. There are plenty of things that can be shared between the babies. Of course, having multiple babies will increase the cost of diapers, wipes, etc. that much more, so those types of gifts are always appreciated. But giving something fun is a nice idea too. Mothers of twins, triplets and multiples will usually forgo the fun, cute items for more practical, everyday items, such as books on rearing twins, triplets or multiple babies. Don’t forget about dad—with so many fathers playing larger roles in their children’s lives, inviting other men might be worthwhile and fun.

Welcome Home Baby Showers for After the Birth of Baby and New Mom and Baby are Home

A welcome home baby shower is a shower that is held after the baby has been born. While this may not be a traditional way of celebrating the impending birth of a child, this is definitely a great way for people to get together who might not have been able to make it to the baby showers given before the baby is born. This is also a fun time for the new parents to introduce the newest member of their family and friends. Read More About Welcome Home Baby Showers.

When planning the welcome home baby shower, sending the personalized welcome home baby shower invitations should be done within four weeks before the date of the welcome home baby shower party. Planning a welcome home baby shower will be a lot simpler than a traditional baby shower as the party will be a lot more relaxed. When planning, don’t forget the welcome home baby shower announcements and matching baby shower thank you cards as this will set the stage for a great party. Also ask the new parents of their preferences for food, date and time of day, as they now have a little one to cater.

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