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The Best Baby Shower Games Free

One of the things to expect when someone's expecting is a baby shower. This tradition of throwing a party to celebrate a new baby is uniquely American. This lovely gathering of family and friends should be celebrated by sharing baby gifts, enjoying some food and playing some games in the family way.

No matter where the baby shower is held, a unique mix of people will attend. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. Baby shower games are a fun and popular entertainment choice because of their appeal.

Of course, whenever you are in charge of hosting a baby shower, you want it to be lots of fun. I chose to write this blog to share some different baby shower game ideas that I have come across. I just recently had the privilege of co-hosting a baby shower for my best friend. I spent HOURS searching the web for some unique baby shower game ideas. It was tedious to say the least. I figured I would share some of my research to help you avoid the same struggles that I went through in finding fun baby shower games. Hope you enjoy and find a game that appeals to you. Also, feel free to share your own baby shower game ideas as well.

A baby shower host should select games that the mom-to-be is comfortable with and also enjoyable and comfortable for the guests to play.

I will post new games as a I come across them.

So here are some to get you started:

Rhyme and Reason Baby Shower Game

This is a game where you call out childhood rhymes. All you need is a book of nursery rhymes for the crowd, just randomly pick a rhyme line to read out loud. First player to shout out the title of the rhyme earns a point each time. Then continue pulling a dozen different stanzas for this rhyming bonanza. Score the most points to grin over your win.

Here are some variations/tips on playing this game different ways
* Provide just the beginning of a verse and challenge guests to finish the rest of the line

* Write silly summaries of famous nursery rhymes and have players identify the rhyme

* Pull lines from popular children's nursery rhymes, but make some subtle changes to them. For example, Mary had a little dog, it's fur was white as snow. Type up and copy the modified rhymes. Distribute to the guests who then have to fix the rhymes

* This variation is a nice conversation starter. Ask guests to bring their favorite baby book to the shower to fill baby's first library. Allow your guests to speak briefly about the book they brough if they want to

Diaper Duty Baby Shower Game

In this game, you basically decipher dirty diapers to get the poop :-)

Before the party set-up, buy 7 to 10 different candy bars and cut in half (save or discard the other half). Place the half bar on a clean microwave plate and microwave it 30 seconds or until it just starts to melt. Spoon the soft candy onto the inside of a clean diaper, repeat with the others, putting a different candy bar in each diaper. Make sure you number or color-code the diapers and keep a master answer key.

To play, line up the open diapers on a table. Challenge everyone to identify the candy bar in each open diaper. Let the group work together to try and decipher each diaper's contents. It's up to you to decide if you want to allow tasting (I do recommend getting tiny spoons or little wooden sticks to allow each guest to take a small taste).

Variation/Tips on playing this game
* For a more individualized competition, pass out pen and paper for players to write their answers. Once everybody's taken a guess, read the answer key aloud so players can score themselves.

* Instead of melting the candy bar, use your hands to mash each full bar into a tight ball and center each ball in a diaper.

* As an alternative to candy, spoon a couple tablespoons of different baby foods into each diaper and have guests identify each baby food.

* Or, test your player's sense of smell instead. Mash or smear a different food (banana, chocolate, mustard, tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, coffee, peanut butter, onions, vanilla) in each diaper and seal the openings (try stapling the edge) Ask guests to sniff out the scent coming from each diaper.

Quiet Enough for a Pin Drop Baby Shower Game

Players wait on pins and needles to play this game :-)

You will need a baby bottle and a bunch of large safety pins. Players take turns standing over the open baby bottle and dropping as many safety pins as they can into the bottle. As soon as they miss a pin, their turn ends and the next player takes their shot. Record the number of pins successfully dropped by each pinhead. Pin the win on whoever bottles the most pins.

Variations on playing this baby shower game
* Weigh down the bottle or have someone hold it in place to prevent tipping.

* Limit it so that players have to hold the pin at waist level or higher before dropping the pin.

* If players are having a difficult time getting pins into the bottle, allow each player a one minute time limit to drop as many pins into the bottle as they can.

* Run a tiebreaker round if needed.

* Give the bottle and pins to mom to be afterwards

* Try using wooden clothespins instead of safety pins.

* A harder game: have players start three feet from the baby bottle. While holding a wooden clothespin between their legs, they waddle up to the bottle and then drop the pin into the bottle. You may need to weigh down the bottle with some sand to prevent it from tipping. Because this is so difficult, not many players will score. Give each player three tries.

Hope you enjoyed the first few games that I posted. Be sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page to get updates emailed to you or just save the blog to your favorites. I will be updating frequently within the next few weeks (as I can only type so much in one night :-). Lots more good games to come. Stay tuned.

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