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Baby shower ideas for boys

Baby shower ideas for boys

Great Baby Shower Ideas For A Baby Boy

Author: Liz Winter

There are so many generic baby shower ideas out there, especially if you are throwing a shower for a baby boy. Most boy-themed baby shower ideas are over-used and worn out, so you may be wondering how you can throw a baby shower that is not only unique, but also creative. So, here are some ideas to help you get the ball rolling on your one-of-a-kind boy-themed baby shower.

1.) Rock n’ Rolla Baby. This is a great theme, especially if you incorporate older rock n’ roll tunes that everyone will know! Decorate the shower in black, silver, with a splash of red. You can go to a thrift store and purchase old records and hang them from the ceiling using fishing line. You can make your invitations resemble concert tickets, and have your guest wear “backstage passes” that display their names for name tags. You can also make a mix CD of older rock n’ roll songs that have the word “Baby” in the title like “Ice, Ice, Baby”, “Born To Be My Baby”, “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”, and “Don’t Worry Baby”. You can also give the CD’s out as party favors.

2.) Ships Ahoy! Baby Shower. A nautical themed baby shower is also a great boy theme. If you have the ability to, you should consider hosting the shower aboard a day cruise. Most day cruise ships may also include lunch in the per person cost. So, if you can, this is something you should definitely look into, if not, and you’re destined to have your shower at shore, you can still pull in off. You should decorate in navy blue, gold, and white. Your invitations can be shaped like an anchor or a boat, and you can serve finger-sized tuna sandwiches, crab dip, and shrimp cocktail as appetizers. A sea captain’s hat would be a nice touch, especially for the mother to wear.

3.) Baby Construction Zone. This is a great theme that screams, “IT’S A BOY!” You could make stop signs, hazard signs, and yield signs to use as decoration, and incorporate lots of red and yellow. You could also purchase some Tonka trucks to display for decoration, and then give them to the mommy-to-be as a baby gift. Your invitations could be shaped like dump trucks and concrete trucks, and you could even purchase some orange vests or hard hats for your guests to wear.

4.) Trendy Colors. This is a great shower idea for one classy momma. You can have your baby shower center around trendy boy nursery colors: blue and brown or green and brown. There is so much you can do with these colors from beautiful flower arrangements to the place settings. Just get creative, and be sure to use the color scheme in everything from the invitations, to even purchasing matching thank-you cards for the mommy-to-be. With a color themed baby shower, the possibilities are endless.

5.) Daddy’s Future Hunting Buddy. This is a great theme, especially if the daddy-to-be is an avid hunter. You can decorate the baby shower using dark browns, dark greens, and camouflage. Your invites could resemble a deer tag, and you can have everyone sit around a “campfire”, complete with a deer blind or tent set up in the background. Cute stuffed animals like a deer, moose, raccoon, and bobcat would make adorable decoration, and be a great baby shower gift for the soon-to-be little hunter.

    These are all great boy themed baby shower ideas that are unique and fun. But, don’t limit yourself to these ideas only; don’t be afraid to use any ideas you or the mommy-to-be may have for making her shower truly memorable. Even if you choose to go with the theme for the baby’s nursery, there are still ways to make it unique and fun, so put your creative hat on and get to work. The new parents will thank-you and your guests will leave knowing you put a lot of thought and effort into throwing a truly great shower.

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