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Jungle themed baby shower ideas

Jungle themed baby shower ideas

Baby Shower Safari Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Author: Lana Pendelton

Coming up with the right Baby Shower Safari Decoration Ideas that will impress the mommy-to-be and fit your budget can be a challenge. You may be tempted to get carried away and over-spend. Fortunately, jungle safari-type decorations are inexpensive to buy, and you can create many of the baby shower safari decorations yourself with just a little bit of imagination.

A time to "shower" the mommy-to-be with the necessities for a newborn, practical gifts like diapers, bathing supplies and clothing offer more value than extravagant items, so keep the decorations simple as well. You can use inexpensive, yet tasteful accent pieces that will enhance the theme.

You can purchase a baby shower safari kit from places like Amazon, as it is a very popular theme, or you may already have the makings of a jungle in your own home. I bet you have a few stuffed animals laying around the house or can borrow from family and friends? How about a few exotic-looking potted plants? Run green steamers around the room and you have all the makings of a real jungle.

Animals like Zebras, Lions and Giraffes are not found in your typical jungle setting, but don't be affraid to take some creative license and incorporate these animals into the theme since most people expect to see them in a safari anyway, and they add a nice splash of color.

Speaking of color, I love decorating with balloons for all festive celebrations. Balloons come in a large variety of colors, sizes and shapes -- with enough knowledge and determination you can create an elegant ballroom setting or a magical wonderland! And all for a fraction of what you would spend using almost any other method. Besides a few well-placed helium inflated balloons, I like making balloon animals like monkeys, snakes and teddy bears coupled with potted plants as centerpieces.

Super Fun Tip:

Get a group together and hand them each a balloon filled with helium (untied). Have everyone inhale simultaneously from the helium-filled balloons, and then belt out a few lines of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" as the guest of honor enters the room. Hilarious!

You'll want the video cameras rolling for this. Oh! And hide the balloons once you inhale the helium so as not to tip-off the mommy-to-be as to what is about to happen. Timing is very important so may need a director or chorister to pull it off correctly.

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Baby Shower Party Invitations and Baby Showers Invites

Author: Sarah Porter

Baby Shower Party Invitations and Baby Showers Invites

If you have the chance to throw an event for a friend or family member who is about to be blessed with a new baby, you should definitely jump at the chance to throw that special person a wonderful Baby Shower, Of course, the best events are going to start with a great theme and matching invitations baby shower, as well as some other elements, including delicious refreshments and enjoyable games. To help you get started with your planning, below are some useful pointers.

Pre-Planning for Your Cards Baby Shower

Make sure to start your planning efforts by putting together a budget for the event. You need to know exactly how much money you have to spend before you start booking the arrangements. It's a good idea to decide how you'll be financing your personalized Baby Invitations, and party before you get too far along. You do have the option of charging everything on credit cards but it would probably be better if you avoided that option. Credit cards tend to make people overspend and make unwise shopping decisions.

Once you know how much you can afford start brainstorming some great ideas for your themes. Colors can be a wonderful theme but you can also be more creative. One idea is to ask the expectant parents what theme they are planning on using in the baby's nursery and continue that theme into the party. That can be great Baby Invitations, ideas.

The best baby invitation is going to continue that theme for you. For example, if you choose a safari theme for the event you might want to pick Baby Shower stationary that includes jungle animals, such as tigers or elephants. You can also choose invitations that have fill-in-the-blank spots for the information but you can just as easily have the message you want pre-printed on each one either at home or by a vendor.

The Next of Your Preparations

You should be careful about choosing a great location, too. Homes are a great choice for small parties. If the shower is scheduled for the summer, you might want to have a barbecue or outdoor event. Larger showers would be better suited for restaurant party rooms, clubhouses, and reception halls. You could also consider renting a room at the local hotel for the evening so you don't have to worry as much about clean up.

Additionally, you'll want to decide whether or not to make your event open to husbands and/or to children. When you're preparing the shower Baby Invitations, be sure to address them appropriately. If you only wan to invite women, address it just to her. That's the easiest way to prevent confusion over who is included on the Baby Shower invitations.

Finally, you should always include some way to reach you on the Baby Shower invitations in case anyway has questions for you. It's a good idea to put as many contact methods as possible on each of the cards, too.

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